Friday, January 24, 2014

Diamonds for Hannah Baby Quilt Tutorial {FREE!!!!}

Remember how I said my brother and his wife are expecting a baby? Well, I am excited to present to you my first quilt tutorial, inspired by baby Hannah!!  She is due to be born this March and we are all looking forward to meeting her. This quilt was designed BY ME {hooray!!!} using my EQ7 software that I got earlier this month for my birthday. So fun!!

And I used my other fun gift, the Flynn Quilting Frame, to quilt the spirals on the white background. Not sure what I ever did without it!!??

  Let’s get started!! Here is the FREE tutorial I promised you!! You can download the PDF version FREE here!




3 fat quarters of pink fabric

1 ½ yards of blue fabric (for quilt top &backing/binding)

½ yard of brown fabric (for quilt top & border)

1 yard of white (background) fabric



From the pink fabric, cut:

Nine 7.5” squares


From the blue fabric, cut:

Five 7.5” squares & four 2.5” x 3” pieces

One 38” x 38” square for the backing/binding


From the brown fabric, cut:

Two 7.5” squares & four 2.5” x 3” pieces

Four 2.5” x 34” strips for the border


From the white fabric, cut:

Sixteen 7.5” squares


For the batting, cut:

One 34” x 34” square




So, basically, the entire quilt is made up of 64 four-inch blocks (8x8).

Each 4” block in the quilt is created by making HSTs (half square triangles).

To make your HSTs, first take each of your 7.5” white {background} squares and pair them with each 7.5” pink, blue, and brown squares {right sides together}.

You should have 9 white/pink blocks, 5 white/blue blocks, and 2 white/brown block.

Next, chainstitch each square until the ENTIRE square is sewn together. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Once they are all sewn together, using a straight ruler and rotary cutter, cut diagonally from corner to corner.


You now have your HSTs!!

Press seams open.


After pressing, trim each HST to 4.5” x 4.5”. This is tedious and time-consuming, so put on a movie and the time will just fly by!



You should have a total of:

35 white/pink HSTs (4 will be modified)

21 white/blue HSTs

8 white/brown HSTs (4 will be modified)


Now it’s time to create the 8 modified blocks. It’s really simple!

First, take 4 of your white/pink blocks and measure 2” up each side on the white part of the block. Mark a straight line and cut where you marked the line.

Next, take your four 2.5” x 3” brown pieces and place one along the edge of each block in the place that you just cut, right sides together.


Press seam toward the brown fabric and trim, squaring it all up.

Here are your 4 modified white/pink HSTs:

Repeat the same process with the 4 white/brown HSTs and the 4 blue 2.5” x 3” pieces:


You should now have:

31 white/pink HSTs

4 white/pink modified HSTs

4 white/brown HSTs

4 white/brown modified HSTs

21 white/blue HSTs



Let’s put it all together!! Lay out all the blocks as shown below:

For the first row, pin blocks 1 and 2 right sides together.

Do the same with blocks 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 7 and 8.

Sew those 4 block combinations together.


Here is a diagram that hopefully will help you visualize this step better:

The next step is to sew the combinations together, like this:


Press all the seams open and the first row is complete!



Do the exact same thing for all 8 rows.

Time to connect the rows!


First, pin rows 1 and 2 together. Pin rows 3 and 4 together. Pin rows 5 and 6 together. Pin rows 7 and 8 together. Sew, being sure to match up the seams.


Press seams open. Lookin’ good!! The end is in sight!! Once all your rows are connected, go ahead and square up your quilt so it’s all equal. Now sew on the border strips.



Layer quilt top, batting, and backing. Quilt as desired! I am the lucky owner of the Flynn Quilting system and I just love it!!!


Bind. I cut my backing wider than my quilt top so I could just fold it to the front and stitch it on. It’s my favorite way to bind my quilts! And that’s it!!

Here’s my finished Diamonds for Hannah quilt:



When you are finished with your quilt, I would love to see it! Please add a picture of your quilt to my Stitched Together Flickr Group. Thank you for joining me!! Questions? Ask me!

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